Monday, January 24, 2005

A lunch time discussion again

Friday afternoon, my lunch group decided to take a respite from the "dishy" fare served in our office. So, it was decided for us, that we go to a popular pizza joint. The wait was of 10-15 minutes, during which we browsed through the paintings on display. I totally fell in love with a painting of an egyptian mummy.

Finally, we sat down to lunch and during the course, the conversation veered to Vasantahabba. I being the knowledgeable one informed the group that the event had been cancelled this year. To which arose the question Why? The Vasantahabba is a free for all event and a lot of dance-music patrons eagerly await this event, so a couple of my friends were upset about its cancellation. The reason for its cancellation is the recent tragedy that struck the coastal regions of India. The organisers are going to channel the funds towards the tsunami victims. The suggestions that arose were - they should probably charge an entrance fee, or keep a box for donations.
I agree with the organisers in the cancellation of the event and took it upon myself to present what might be the reason behind the decision. My theory -

The organisers wouldn't want to charge an entrance fee primarily because it goes against the spirit of the festival. It is meant to be an event which is free for all. And, I did not think the suggestion of keeping a box for donations to be a great one. My reasons being: when it comes to voluntary contributions, it is upto the individual to contribute and each one might have already done their bit or not. So, as per me the amount of money that would be collected via a box for donations would never be able to match the amount that the organisers had spent on conducting the event.

This not only effectively convinced my upset-over-the-cancellation friends but also earned me a compliment on my hypothesis.
I guess, I've actually started exerting my brain cells...


Blogger Anurag said...

That analysis rocks! So, intelligence 'is' the essence of being, after all! :)

You are right. The aim of Vasantahabba is to spread awareness and knowledge about Indian classical music and dance. And that's why it has to be non-priced event. If they price it, it'd become elitist, and lose its purpose.

I am missing Vasantahabba so much. That's why, am eagerly waiting for Yamini tonight. That's the closest possible to Vasantahabba.

5:03 PM  
Blogger ryma said...

Well, that's the compliment that I earned. Hadn't thought about it on the 'being'.

10:18 PM  

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