Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A breather

is a respite. For me, it is a holiday right in the middle of a working week. That's what 26th January was. So, in preparation to the holiday, I went for Yamini - the Dusk to Dawn festival in IIM-B on tuesday. The schedule did indicate a lot of good stuff. I reached in time for the Mohan Veena presentation by Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. Carnatic is not something that I follow, even though it was instrumental. But, I did enjoy the second piece presented by Panditji. It was hindustani. I even figured out a song based on the raag, though googling has not given me the same results. I'll just go by my instinct on that then.
I was very disappointed with the 'Kathak' presentation. It was mentioned to be 'Kathak' but, it was more of fusion choreography. Well, I do learn dance which is not in its pure form, so it is not that, I'm averse to fusion in any form, however, I would have appreciated it, if it was mentioned out there, I would have set my expectations right . I actually left without waiting for the grande finale which was supposed to have been good.

Had a movie planned up for the holiday, a movie called Page 3. Well, everyone knows what Page 3 is, but a movie about that? Well, it was exactly that, parties, high-flying lifestyles, air-kissing and farcical relationships. The movie was very neat, but then I am very tolerant towards movies, since I basically love watching movies. The movie kept its grip on me pretty much through the entire duration. A few scenes were disturbing for me - a drug peddler being 'encountered' when he talks about 'mandavali' and the other one was which showed a famous industralist and his paedophilic exploits.

To sum up, a song from the movie would go well -
Kitne ajeeb rishtey hain yahan pe,
Do pal milte hai, saath saath chalte hain
Jab mod aaye to bachke nikalte hain.


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